Friday, September 21, 2007

A new addiction?

I've found a new love! This is towel #1, I've now moved on to towel #3. I'm embroidering flour sack towels for someone. She doesn't know about this blog so I can post shamelessly. I'm loving this craft. What I love about all needlework crafts is that it really makes me feel connected to my ancestors. I'm doing something they did hundreds of years ago. I was so intimidated at the thought of even trying this but with help from here and here I found it to be so easy. I would say the only bad thing about it is it's not as easy to transport as my knitting is.


Gnightgirl said...

I've been thinking about embroidery lately! I did this a lot as a kid. Pillowcases, dishtowels, and hotpads with hand-embroidery are long lost. I just bought some antique hankies with hand-embroidery on them for 75 cents a piece. I love them. can I fit this into my busy life?

shy_smiley said...

Hey, Mim. Thanks for commenting about knitting on chock-a-blog. Your stuff is gorgeous! I especially like the bag for yourself and the crocheted horse.

I thought your screen name looked familiar. Were I still living in Urbana I hope I'd be one of your circle. I worked at the same place as gnightgirl for seven years before moving to Tucson with DH. Here we started a family, I abandoned the 9 to 5 job thing, and now I teach preschool part time, raise my 6-year-old son full time, and struggle with accepting my creativity! I'm a completely self-taught knitter and haven't progressed much past garter stitch. I can purl, too, though I can't seem to work the two stitches together.

My sister embroiders: pillowcases, dishtowels, onesies. She does great work.

See you around!

Gardenanny said...

Good Job! I'm so proud of you! Everything you set your hand to are a very talented young woman! AND, I'm proud to call you "lil' girl"!

CanCan said...

This is very cool!
I'm not an expert but the only thing I have ever embroidered was some cherries on a dishtowel.