Monday, January 19, 2009

A Confession of Sorts

So, if you are an artist craftier extraordinaire, you will understand this revelation. If you are not you may see this as excessive or a little crazy. But to the point..... most A.C.E.'s have a "stash" of whatever they craft/create with. Here's most of mine.

This is my yarn that sits right next to my love seat. I am not currently knitting with any of this yarn. It use to house my dishcloth cotton, but it was way too full. Then I started putting whatever I was working on in there, but since I tend to take my projects with me it ended up being an "in between" storage place for when I'm done with the project and haven't put the yarn away. I always leave this yarn tote/storage right there. Frugalmom gave it to me after her grandmother passed. I never got to meet this wonderful woman but knowing she was a knitter/crocheter like myself made me feel connected to her. So, I leave it there and use it and remember her and say a prayer for her family that I know misses her everyday.

These three clear totes hold all my dishcloth cotton. You may be thinking, "she has plenty", but I was just looking online two days ago. More, specifically at more natural looking colors. LOL
Um, also if you notice to the left of these three totes are more totes, ummmm that's all my stamping/card making stuff. :0)

This is the top of my XL Land's End tote. This tote is not stuffed full of yarn, yet ;0) It probably has 12-20 balls/skeins of yarn in it.

There are nine totes here. The three on the left hold all my dishcloth cotton. The orange tote currently holds misc., mostly non wool yarn. The four small totes on top hold all my wool yarn. They are Rubbermaid with natural cedar. I wish I would have bought more of these and larger ones when my local Walk Mart had them marked down. They are stuffed full.


Gail said...


sugarcreekstuff said...

Replace the word "yarn" with "fabric" and that's my pile. Not near as organized as yours though.

Angie said...

Hi. I saw a comment you left on The Farmer's Wife that you visit Sycamore. That's my hometown and I found it interesting that you mentioned it.

I do not have a stash. I do not have a stash. I do not have a stash. If I say it, that makes it true, right? Yarn and fabric both threaten to take over my house!


Mim said...

Gail: nope you sure aren't!

Michelle: Ha, we all have stuff don't we. I didn't really think of it as being organized, more like hidden. LOL

Angie: Hello, thanks for stopping by. I visit Sycamore a few times a year. We have friends up there we go visit.

What stash? LOL